Kevin Bolk (K-Bo to his fans) is an artist, designer, writer, collector, and all around junk culture junkie.

As an illustrator and cartoonist, K-Bo. packs his portfolio with a dazzling spectrum of subjects & styles. Known for his 1,700+ comic strips hosted on, Bolk’s by-lines also shine on works published via Marvel Comics, Nickelodeon, Udon Entertainment, Oxford University Press, and Tokyopop, just to name a few. Media conventions across the U.S. use Bolk’s promotional material designs, while online entertainment hubs like, The Guardian, Huffington Post, Cracked, Cosmo, Buzzfeed, & Comics Alliance celebrate his humorous & insightful works. He currently resides in Baltimore, MD where he continues to produce new comics and art with a retro childhood flair. Email for press and commission info